Hidden Charms Conference, Norwich, April 2016

It’s looking to be a great line-up (even if I do say so myself!) at the Hidden Charms conference (take a look here) in Norwich, 2nd April 2016:

Brian Hoggard, ‘Evidence of Unseen Forces: Apotropaic objects on the threshold of materiality’

Sonja Hukantaival, ‘Same Mental Idea, Different Manifestation? Hidden charms in Finland and the UK’

Jeremy Harte, ‘Luck and Dread’

Annia Thwaite, ‘The Urinary Experiment: A re-appraisal of ‘witch-bottles’ and their functions in early modern England’

Jason Semmens, ‘Cunning-folk and the Protection of Property: The view from the West-Country’

Lisa Wilson, ‘By Midnight, By Moonlight: Ritual protection marks in caves beneath the Mendip Hills, Somerset’

John Billingsley, ‘The Head That Works For you: Apotropaic vs. show’

Ceri Houlbrook, ‘From Concealers to Finders: Putting the (concealed) shoe on the other foot’

James Wright, ‘Cultural anxieties and ritual protection in high status early modern houses’

Estee higher res


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